Lilium martagon hybr.
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Turk's Cap Lily "Painted Ladies" (Martagon Lily) - Lilium martagon hybr.
Beautiful colour range with yellow, apricot-coloured, pink, wine-red, orange and white flowers, mostly purple spotted.

Family: Liliaceae.
Origin: Europe and Asia.
Special Features: Beautiful range of colours.
Colour: Yellow, Apricot, Pink, Wine-Red, Orange, and White blooms. Most have purple spots.
Natural Flowering Period: June - August.
Winter Hardiness Zones: Z3-8.
Foliage: whorls of dark green, oblong leaves.
Height with Flowers: 60 cm.
Spacing between Plants: 60 cm.
Soil Requirements: well-drained moisture retentive organic soils, pH 6.2 - 7.5.
Location: full Sun to partial Shade.
Use: plant the stately "Painted Ladies" with a backdrop of Angelica gigas, Peucedanum verticillare and intermingle with Eragrostis elliotii.
Specialities: well-suited for cut flowers.
1,0 g = 90-110 seeds.
Germination: These perennial seeds germinate very irregularly over a long period. Lower temperatures of less than +5°C  are very effective. Seed trays should not be discarded prematurely. Constant moisture must be maintained. Do not leave in direct sunlight.
Best Sowing Dates: November - March.
Sowing to Germination: 6 - 8 weeks.
Germination to Transplant: 4 - 8 weeks.
Transplanting to Salable Plant: 6 - 10 weeks.

Martagon lily, turban lily, turk's-cap lily. Bot.syn.: Lilium caucasicum (Miscz.) Grossh., Lilium cattaniae (Vis.) Vis., Lilium pilosiusculum (Freyn) Miscz.

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