Brassica oleracea var. gongilodes
Brand: Kurzemes Seklas
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Kohlrabi "Purple Vienna".

Nutrient champion among cabbages. Early maturing variety: period from germination to harvest 65-80 days. The stems are spherical, 7-9 cm in diameter, weighing 160 g. The pulp is white, tender, juicy, high in sugar and vitamins. The taste qualities are excellent. The variety is distinguished by a very friendly ripening of stem crops. Heat and drought resistant. Differs in amicable return of a crop. Used fresh and for processing. Grow seedling and seedless way.
1,0 g = 250-300 seeds.

Eng.: Kohlrabi. Suom.: Kyssäkaali. Sven.: Kålrabbi. Bot.: Brassica oleracea var. gongilodes

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