Silphium laciniatum L.
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Compassplant (Cup Plant, Rosinweed) - Silphium laciniatum.
Perennial from the Asteraceae family.
Features: flower heads always turn to the east.
Flower colour: golden yellow.
Flowering plant height: 200 cm.
Natural flowering period: July - September.
Winter hardiness zones: Z4 - Z8.
Soil Requirements: medium.
Name: the national name "Cup Plant" Silphium received due to its large leaves, which, when combined around the stem, form a cup that can hold water.
Motherland - eastern and central regions of North America. One of the most interesting types. It is sometimes called the compass plant. This sylphium received such a strange name because of the unusual property of its opposite leaves to be located strictly from north to south.
Location: sunny, with well-drained fertile soils. Tolerates drought well. This plant can grow for a very long time in one place, for several years the bush is gaining mass and takes on a decorative look.
Use: in single and group planting, in the background of a flower garden. Suitable for cutting.

* These seeds germinate rapidly depending on species and origin. If germination does not occur after 3-4 weeks a cooling period of 2-4 weeks is recommended.
1.0 g = 30 seeds.

Silphium laciniatum

Silphium laciniatum

Silphium laciniatum
Compass Flower, Compassplant, Rosinweed.

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