Compost activator
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Liquid compost activator.
1 L = 2 m3.
Organic waste composting activator.
Composting accelerator - effectively activates the process of creating organic compost due to the rapid development of soil microorganisms.
Dosage and application: stir 250-500 ml of the product in 10 liters of water. This solution volume is designed for processing 1 m3 of compost mass.
You will have to vary the concentration of the solution depending on the structure of the existing compost: if it contains a lot of organic waste containing fiber (leaves, grass cuttings, potato peelings, etc.), then proportionally raise the rate above 250.
To improve air exchange, it is advisable to periodically mix the compost mass, and to ensure sufficient moisture, add chopped branches and bark of deciduous trees (the smaller, the faster the compost will mature). Store the product at a temperature of +5 .. + 30 ° C (if stored correctly, the shelf life is not limited).

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