Brassica oleracea var. gongylodes
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Kohlrabi "Korist" F1.
The variety is early ripening, the period from germination to economic suitability is 70-80 days. The stem is round-flat, pale green.
The pulp is tender, juicy with a high content of sugar and vitamins. Heat and drought resistant. Differs in amicable return of a harvest. Due to the high precocity, kohlrabi can be grown in open ground throughout the summer in seedlings, obtaining up to 4-5 crops with stepped crops.
In Estonia, seedlings are planted in late April - early May to obtain an early harvest, and in the second decade of July to obtain a harvest in autumn.
Seeding depth: 1-2 cm.
Planting pattern: 12-15 x 30-35 cm.
In kohlrabi, the food organ is a stem plant, which is most suitable for food, having a diameter of 6-8 cm.
1,0 g = 260 seeds.

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