Allium sphaerocephalum L.
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Round-head garlic (Globe garlic) - Allium sphaerocephalum.
Effect perennial onion comes from Central and Southern Europe.
Flower colour: purple-red.
Flowering plant height: 50 cm.
Natural flowering period: July - August.
Winter hardiness zones: Z4 - Z8.
​​​​​1.0 g = 800 seeds.
On tall, thin peduncles of a bluish colour, dense red-purple spherical inflorescences gradually bloom in mid-summer.
Flowering begins from above: "knobs" of inflorescences gradually turn from light green pomegranate. The leaves are thin, few, concentrated at the base of the peduncles. It grows well on any loose and nutritious garden soil without stagnant water, both in the sun and in partial shade.
Very beautiful in small groups against the background of other perennials.
Recommendations for sowing and care: most ornamental onions are best sown before winter on a well-prepared breeding bed.
When sowing in February-March, dig containers with crops into the garden, sprinkle with snow. In the process of gradual thawing of the soil substrate and the passage of melt water through it, the seed coat and the inhibitory layer are destroyed, which prevents rapid germination. When a constant temperature is established within + 5 + 12 ° С, friendly shoots appear.
Onions prefer full sun and well-drained soils with lime added. When propagated by seed, they bloom for 2-6 years. Mature plants reproduce by bulbils or division.
They look great in small groups in rocky gardens, as well as in mixed borders.

Eng.: Globe garlic, ball-head onion, round-head garlic, round-headed leek. Bot.syn.: Allium aegaeum, Allium arvense Guss., Allium borbasii A.Kern., Allium bosniacum Kumm. et Sendtn., Allium descendens L., Allium loscosii K.Richt., Allium purpureus Loscos, Allium regnieri Maire, Allium trachypus Boiss. et Spruner, Porrum descendens (L.) Rchb.

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