Cosmos bipinnatus L.
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Cosmos "Sensation Carmine" - Cosmos bipinnatus.
An abundance of large carmine-red flowers!
The plant is up to 50 cm high. The flowers are collected in inflorescences-baskets, 7-10 cm in diameter and are located singly at the ends of the stems.
The reed flowers are red and the tubular inflorescences (centre) are yellow.
Used for planting flower beds in the background, decorating fences and for cutting.
Agricultural technology.
The plant is light-loving and cold-resistant. It is undemanding to soils but grows better on light fertile soils.
Sowing of seeds is carried out in April-May directly in open ground. (1.0 g = 120-145 seeds). Seeding depth 1 cm.
At a soil temperature of +18°C shoots appear in 8-14 days. The distance between plants during planting is kept at 30-35 cm.

Eng.: Tall cosmos, cosmea, garden cosmos. Bot.syn.: Cosmea bipinnata.

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