Cucumis sativus L.
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Cucumber "Piccolo verde di Parigi" (Paris Gherkin).
Crispy pickled cucumbers!
Mid-season bee-pollinated variety for open ground. It enters fruiting at 45-50 days. The plant is long-branched. Zelenets is 6-11 cm long, the tuberosity is large and medium, the pubescence is black. Fruits of delicious taste, without bitterness, are especially good for canning. The variety is highly disease resistant.
Productivity: 2,5-4 kg/sq.m.
Sowing: May (2) – June (1)
Transfer: June (1.2)
Harvest: June (3) - August.
Features of agricultural technology: for open ground and film tunnels.
Fruit: fusiform greens, large tubercles, dark green, black-thorned, without bitterness. The length of the greens is 6-11 cm, weight - 50-100 g. The fruits are delicious, crispy.
Resistance: highly resistant to powdery mildew and blotch.
Usage: used for canning and salting.
Please note that many housewives prefer to use the "Paris Gherkin" variety mainly for canning and salting due to the outstanding external and taste qualities of this variety: greens without bitterness, crispy and dense in salting. The resistance of the variety to diseases and adverse weather conditions increases the guaranteed receipt of a good harvest.

Did you know that ... when canning cucumbers, spices are usually used, which are taken to taste in a different set, but they should not be more than 5-6% of the weight of the fruit (500-600 g per 10 kg of fruit or 80-100 g per three liter jar).
The approximate composition and ratio of spices when canning cucumbers at home can be as follows: for 10 kg of fruit, take 250-300 g of dill in the seed ripening phase, 30 g of garlic, 50-100 g of horseradish roots (partially leaves can be used), 10 g of bitter chilli pepper, 50 g tarragon, 50 g celery leaves, 2-3 leaves per three-liter jar of black currant, cherry and oak.

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