Lactuca sativa L.
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Lettuce "Duo mix".
Fast-growing varieties with a long decorative period!
Early ripe (for open ground and for greenhouses): the period from mass shoots to the beginning of economic suitability is 38-46 days.
The leaves are tender, crisp, reddish-pink and bright green in color, corrugated and very decorative.
Differs in resistance to tsvetushnost and the long period of use.
Recommended for fresh consumption, decoration of dishes, as well as for decorating the garden.
Agricultural technology.
Sowing: in early May with seeds in the ground to a depth of 1-1.5 cm.
The distance between plants after thinning is 25-30 cm.
Recommended for outdoor cultivation when sowing seedlings from March to May,
or directly into the ground at the beginning of June for summer consumption, as well as for winter sowing in the ground and in greenhouses at the beginning of August.
Care: consists in loosening row spacing, weeding, watering and top dressing.
Harvest: marketable yield 1.7-3.3 kg/sq.m. The output of marketable products is 97-98%.

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