Valerianella locusta (L.) Laterr
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LAMB`S LETTUCE SALAD "LARGED LEAVED" (Corn salad) - Valerianella locusta (L.) Laterr.  
An undemanding leaf vegetable with medium-green leaves and semi-upright habitus, grown for leaves, which are prepared like lettuce, but have greater nutritional value.
It has a short growing period, suitable for sowing in early spring or in July. Seeding from late August till early October is left to overwinter and cropped in early spring.
Sown in 10 cm rows; pre-cultivating of seedlings is also possible.
1,0 g = 600-900 seeds.

Valerianella locusta Põldkännak Corn salad Vuonankaali Vintersallat Валерьянница Полевой салат

Eng.: Corn salad, LAMB`S LETTUCE SALAD. Bot. syn.: Valerianella olitoria (L.) Pollich.

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