Allium porrum L.
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Leek "De Carentan 2" - Allium porrum L.
The variety is late ripening (period from germination to harvesting 125-175 days), cold-resistant. The plant is 30-50 cm high. The leaves are dark green, wide.
The false stem is cylindrical, low - 10-25 cm, but thick - up to 5-6 cm in diameter.The mass of one plant is 200-325 g.
Grown to obtain a bleached stem - "legs". The shape of the "leg" is cylindrical, diameter 3-4 cm, weight 200-300 g, height 15-20 cm.
The thickened, white part of the stem with a delicate mild taste and young leaves are used for food. The false stem and young, green leaves are used for food, colorless leaves during storage.
Leek has a pleasant, slightly pungent taste. They are used fresh and stewed for preparing salads and other dishes.
Well cultivated, fertile soils are taken away under the leek. The best predecessors for him are cabbage, cucumbers and legumes. Leeks are grown through seedlings. Seeds are sown in late February - early March, and seedlings are planted in the ground at the end of April - early May, in furrows 6-10 cm deep, the distance between rows is 25-30 cm, in a row 10-25 cm. Further care consists of systematic loosening row spacing, weeding, watering and dressing.

Eng.: European Leek, Garden Leek. Suom.: Purjo, purjosipuli. Sven.: Purjolök.

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