Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) Nym. Ex A.W. Hill convar. vulgare (Nois) Danert.
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Leaf parsley "Festival 68".
This is a variety which is intended for all year round harvesting of tops. 
A flat leaf parsley variety which is favored not only for its aromatic leaves but also, for its root vegetables. It is grown for spring/summer and autumn harvest.
For an early harvest you should sow in autumn or in early spring, you sow in May. Grows best in light sandy loam or clay loam, moist soils. A medium-earliness kind.
Leaves are plain, aromatic, dark-green.
The growing time from spring and summer sowing is 75-90 days, from autumn sowing it is 140-180 days. The recommended plant spacing is 20 x 3 cm.
1,0 g = 450-650 seeds.

* Culinary uses of parsley:
Salting parsley.
Parsley greens are preserved by dry salting. For pickling, greens are taken before flowering or at the very beginning of flowering. It is sorted out (discarding hard stems, stiff parts), after which it is washed in cold water and cut into pieces 1.5-2 cm long. small wooden or earthenware barrels, enameled or glass containers. A layer of salt is poured onto the bottom of the dishes before laying the greens. Greens in a container on top are also covered with salt. Store in a cool place.
Drying parsley.
Yellowed and damaged leaves are removed. The greens are thoroughly washed in cold running water and allowed to drain. The stems are tied into small bundles and hung on a rope or wire under a canopy, in a shed, in an attic, or in other well-ventilated areas. In wet weather, the washed greens are finely cut and dried in an oven or oven for 2.5-3.5 hours at a temperature of +65..+70°C. Washed and peeled parsley roots are finely chopped and then dried in the air or in the oven. From 100 g of fresh root crops, 14-15 g of dry ones are obtained. Store dried parsley in glass, tightly closed jars.

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