Lactuca sativa L.
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Lettuce "Bionda a Foglia liscia".
Tender and crispy leaves without bitterness!
Early ripening (the period from germination to complete harvesting is 38-45 days) variety of leaf lettuce for early spring and winter sowings.
The leaves are light green with a slight shine, with an oily consistency. The taste is excellent.
Very tender, crispy, with a high content of vitamins and mineral salts. Socket weight 130-180 g.
It is grown both in open and protected ground. Productivity: 3.2 kg/m2.
Ideal for fresh consumption, making sandwiches, salads, and decorating dishes.
Agricultural technology.
Sowing seeds in open ground to a depth of 1-1.5 cm. Seedlings are thinned out in the phase of two or three true leaves.
To obtain greens for a long time, seeds are sown several times per season with an interval of 10-15 days.
Plants need timely watering, weeding, loosening and fertilizing.

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