Ocimum x citriodorum
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Lemon basil microgreens - Ocimum basilicum x citriodorum.
Great lemon-mint flavor!
Healthy food at home: tasty and healthy harvest in 7 days - simply and easily.

Sidrunbsiiliku mikrorohelised, Проростки лимонного базилика, lemon basil microgreens

* Microgreens grown from basil seeds are a very popular ingredient in culinary delights served in expensive restaurants (they have a slight aftertaste of mature basil herb). And, due to its medicinal properties, it is used in medicine in Southeast Asia and India, since basil microgreen helps to strengthen the general body (the polyphenols included in its composition heal the intestines, reducing the tendency to flatulence, lower cholesterol levels, promotes the absorption of nutrients, have a mild diuretic effect, contributing to the prevention of kidney stones).
Increases male potency and female libido.
Green basil stimulates human immunity, therefore it is indispensable during epidemics of influenza and SARS. In addition, it has antipyretic and diaphoretic properties.
It is very effective as a mucolytic agent in the treatment of bronchitis and cough - it dilutes phlegm.
Like many types of seeds for germination, basil microgreens successfully fight against the acquisition of excess weight: the enzymes in its composition break down fats and contribute to weight loss.
Sprouted basil microgreen has a positive effect on the human nervous system, smoothing out the effects of stress and stimulating brain activity, thereby increasing the concentration of attention and mental abilities of a person as a whole.
Essential oils contained in basil sprouts have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, perfectly disinfect the oral cavity, and the presence of astringent substances strengthens the gums.
The presence of antioxidants helps slow down the aging process and strengthens vision.
Nutritional Information for lemon basil sprouts:
- contains ascorbic acid, vitamins A (175% DV) and K (375% DV), as well as B vitamins
- a source of potassium, calcium, iodine, iron and manganese
- essential oils, tannins, glycosides, saponins, cryptoxanthin, lutein, zeaxanthin.
Ready: from 5 days to 2 weeks (depending on your preference for the appearance of microgreens).
Storage: up to 3 days on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

Sidrunbasiiliku seemned idandamiseks, Семена базилика лимонного для проращивания, Lemon basil seeds for microgrees

Eng.: Lemon basil. Suom.: Sitruuna basilika. Sven.: Citronbasilika. Bot. syn.: Ocimum dichotomum Hochst., Ocimum basilicum var. citriodora, Ocimum basilicum x Ocimum americanum.

* Growing basil at home is also possible. It is better to start growing this plant in the spring, using boxes or pots. Basil needs nutritious and light soil with the addition of peat.
The most suitable temperature for growing is +25°C. Growing basil should be done on a sunny windowsill. If you want to get a beautiful, sprawling bush, then you should pinch the top of the bush - "dazzle".
Since basil does not like excessive moisture, it should be watered only when the soil begins to dry out (watering is best done in the morning).
Windowsill-grown basil is less prone to disease than garden-grown basil, however, if you notice "diseased" stems, they should be removed so they don't infect other plants.
Never pluck all the greens (especially at the root of the plant), but simply pinch off individual leaves as needed.

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