Lastuca sativa L.
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Leaf lettuce "Monk's Beard" ("Barba dei Frati") - Lactuca sativa L.
Crunchy, juicy and very delicate in taste.
Early ripe variety. The leaves are green, long with pronounced serrations. After collecting the first numerous leaves, new ones grow very quickly.
The variety is resistant to flowering and has stable growth at any length of daylight hours. 1,0 g = 1000-1200 seeds.
Agrotechnics of salad.
The best predecessors for salad are cabbage, potatoes, under which organic fertilizers were applied. In the fall, plowing or digging is carried out with the introduction of humus.
Acidic soils require liming. Mineral fertilizers are applied in the spring. Seeds are sown in open ground in early April, in wide rows with row spacing of 60-70 cm.
The sowing depth is 1.5-2 cm. Rolling is carried out before and after sowing. When dense shoots appear, thinning is performed: in the phase of the first true leaf with a distance of 5-7 cm.
After thinning, top dressing is carried out with a solution of complex mineral fertilizer. Care consists in loosening row spacings and watering.
Watering is carried out along the furrows, trying to avoid water getting on the leaves of the plants. Harvesting lettuce is carried out by cutting off the leaves at the very surface of the soil.

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