Latuca sativa var. capitata
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Ice lettuce ''Ljubljanska Ledenka''.
Crispy head of cabbage with high taste qualities.
Mid-late head-type variety for summer-autumn use. Ripens 60-65 days after germination. The leaves are bright green, dense, corrugated, crispy, sweet in taste, and retain freshness for a long time. Head weight - 220-240 g, diameter 12-13 cm. Resistant to stalking even in warm weather. Suitable for growing in open and closed ground.
Growing conditions.
Cold-resistant and photophilous culture, tolerates frosts down to -5°C. It grows well on light, fertile, cultivated, moist soils.
For uninterrupted production, it is recommended to sow with an interval of 15-20 days.
1 gramm = 800-1200 seeds.

Eng.: Ice lettuce. Bot.: Latuca sativa var. capitata Crisphead.

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