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LINTUR is a highly effective preparation for annual and perennial weeds, such as pink sow thistle, yellow sow thistle, dandelion, cruciferous plants, etc.
Thanks to its systemic action, LINTUR® can be used on all types of grass lawns, even against overgrown weeds.
The risk of resistance to the drug in weeds is minimal.
Active ingredient: 659 g/kg dicamba acid (in the form of sodium salt), 41 g/kg triasulfuron. Two active ingredients that effectively complement each other.
Hazard class: 3. Preparative form: VDG (water-dispersible granules).
It is optimal to use this drug in the early stages of weed development: sow thistle - rosette, dandelion - the beginning of the appearance of a peduncle.
Consumption rate of the drug: 1.8 g / 5 l of water.
Working fluid consumption: 5 l / 100 m2.
Treatment method: spraying the grass stand in May - early June for growing weeds, 3-4 days after the first mowing of the lawn, or in late August - early September, 3-4 days after the next mowing.
The presence of dew is not allowed, therefore, if automatic watering is installed, it is turned off no less than 24 hours before application, and turned on no earlier than two hours after treatment with the drug. Mow after treatment no earlier than 2–3 days.
On grass lawns with an admixture of dicotyledonous grasses (clover, “Moorish” lawn), the use of the herbicide LINTUR® is unacceptable.
When preparing the solution, as well as when spraying plants, it is necessary to use personal protective equipment (working clothes, boots, rubber gloves, goggles, respirator). It is recommended to prepare the working solution in a separate special container. Fill the container with water to about a third of the required volume, add the pesticide according to the recommended rate, stir until completely dissolved. After this, add water to the resulting so-called mother solution to the required volume and mix again. Pour the prepared working solution into the sprayer. During operation, it is necessary to maintain a homogeneous state of the working solution, stirring it periodically. Use the prepared solution within 2–3 hours.
Shelf life: 3 years.

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