Lobelia erinus
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Bedding Lobelia "Crystal Palace" - Lobelia erinus.
One of the best dwarf varieties with an abundance of miniature flowers!
A perennial plant used as an annual. A beautiful herbaceous plant with dark green foliage, completely strewn with cobalt blue flowers, up to 1.2 cm in diameter. Bush 12-15 cm tall, very compact, densely branched. Blooms from June to September.
The plant is unpretentious, reaches the greatest decorativeness in open sunny places. Prefers loamy and sandy soils. When growing seedlings, sowing is carried out in February. Seeds are slightly pressed into the soil, do not sprinkle with earth. The landing container is covered with glass and placed in a lighted warm place. At a soil temperature of +18°C shoots appear in 7-14 days. Seedlings dive twice into light ground. Seedlings are planted after the end of spring frosts. For better tillering, the tops of young plants are pinched.

Eng.: Bedding Lobelia. Suom.: Sinilobelia. Sven.: Kantlobelia.

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