Lobelia erinus L.
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Bedding lobelia - Lobelia erinus.
Compact, lush bushes of this variety are completely covered with flowers.
Valued for its abundant and long flowering throughout the summer until night frosts set in.
An excellent flowerbed crop, used for decorating various flower beds, balconies, flowerpots, and creating borders.
Perennial, grown as an annual plant in temperate climates.
Growing conditions.
Sowing seedlings superficially, under glass. Germination in the light. At a temperature of +18°C, seedlings appear in 7-14 days.
The culture is warm and light-loving. Planting in open ground in small groups when the threat of frost has passed.
Place in sunny places with well-drained, moderately fertile soil. In dry weather, regular watering is necessary.
The seeds are very small, up to 30,000 seeds in 1,0 g.

Eng.: Bedding Lobelia. Bot. syn.: Lobelia erinoides L.

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