Low annuals mix
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A mixture of low annuals "Motley Summer".
Spectacular, multi-coloured and unpretentious flower mixture of low flyers.
The ideal combination of flower crops (20-60 cm tall) is amazingly suitable for creating flowering meadows: a picturesque lawn that continuously blooms and changes colour throughout the summer will create a unique microcosm on your site.
Now even the roadsides leading to your home, places for picnics and children's games will not just be monotonous, but full of colours, aromas and life!
This mixture blooms 3-4 weeks after sowing and blooms spectacularly all summer, continuously changing its appearance.
Dig the soil to a depth of 25 cm, thoroughly clean the top layer from the rhizomes of weeds. All work is best done in advance to allow the soil to "settle".
Seeds are sown in May-June. Sow in calm weather, in moist soil. Mix the seeds with sand in a ratio of 1:3, spread over the sown surface and sprinkle with a 1 cm layer of earth or peat.
It is recommended to protect the crops with a covering material before germination. It is important to monitor soil moisture and timely carry out small-drop watering.
For a more lush, friendly and long-lasting flowering, fertilizing with a complete mineral fertilizer is recommended.


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