Callistephus chinensis L.
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Dwarf aster "Pinocchio" (mixture of colours).
These elegant and viable asters have a highly branched compact bush with a height of 18-20 cm and a diameter of 20-25 cm.
Early flowering, lasts until autumn frosts, very abundant: up to 50 small inflorescences bloom on one plant!
They are appreciated for their high resistance to unfavorable weather conditions, stress factors, endurance to fusarium. Well-lit areas with fertile loamy or sandy loam soil are suitable for cultivation.
Most often grown in seedlings. Seeds are sown in March-April, dive with the development of the first pair of true leaves according to the 5x5 cm scheme, seedlings are planted in open ground from mid-May to early June.
Sowing of Chinese asters in winter is also possible: at the end of October to a depth of 5-8 cm. For this, the crops are mulched on the top with peat or sawdust to a height of 3-5 cm, and in the spring (at the end of March - early April) the crops are opened.

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