Salvia lyrata L.
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Lyre-leaved sage "Purple Knockout" (meadow sage) - Salvia lyrata.
Very decorative foliage. Flowers for cutting and for "dry" winter bouquets.
Perennial from the Lamiaceae family.
Origin: Eastern North America
Features: reddish-purple leaves that retain their colour throughout the season, even in the heat of summer.
Inconspicuous lavender-blue, tubular flowers are collected in whorled brushes.
Foliage: bronze-violet-red, oblong, broad, dissected with round edges.
Flowering plant height: 30-40 cm.
Distance between plants: 40 cm.
Natural flowering period: May - July (blooms in the year of sowing).
Winter hardiness zones: Z5 - Z8.
Characteristic: decorative and deciduous plant.
Used as a groundcover in poor soils and as a flowering pot plant.
It will become an ideal partner for flowering annuals and perennials. It will take its rightful place on a rocky hill and in a flower arrangement.
1,0 g = 500 seeds.

Eng.: Lyreleaf sage (cancer weed), lyre-leaved sage, cancerweed, meadow sage, wild sage.

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