Tagetes patula nana
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French marigold "Lemon Drop" - Tagetes patula nana.
Clean and soft colouring! Long and unique flowering!
Original coloring of double and large flower. The plant is about 20-30 cm tall.
Spherical inflorescences-baskets, up to 10 cm in diameter, lemon-yellow color. Blooms from July until frost.
To prolong flowering, faded flowers must be removed.
Use for flower beds, rabatok, borders, balconies, vases and for cutting.
Agricultural technology.
The plant is heat-loving, drought-resistant. Prefers a sunny position and well-drained soil.
Seeds are sown in April-May in seedling boxes. The seeding depth is 0.5-1 cm. At a soil temperature of +18 ° C, seedlings appear on the 7-15th day. After 2 weeks, the seedlings dive. Seedlings are planted in the ground after the end of spring frosts, maintaining a distance between plants of 20-30 cm.
1,0 g = 300-320 seeds.

Eng.: French marigold. Suom.: Ryhmäsamettikukka. Sven.: Sammetstagetes. Bot. syn.: Tagetes corymbosa Sweet, Tagetes remotiflora Kunze, Tagetes signata Bartling.

* Marigolds are very useful in the garden: the secretions of their roots reduce the damage to other plants by fungal diseases, especially Fusarium, and protect against certain types of nematodes. In addition, dried marigold leaves and flowers are used to make seasonings for salads, soups and sauces. That is why marigolds are amazingly suitable for the "pharmaceutical garden".

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