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"Mavrik" - insecticide.
Insecticidal agent "Mavrik". Aqueous emulsion containing tau-fluvalinate 240 g / l. Hazard class III (moderately hazardous substances). Preparation and concentration of the working solution: 6-8 ml / 10 l of water. 10 liters of working solution is calculated for 330 m2 of area to be sprayed (300 l / ha). Minimum interval between treatments: 14 days. Multiplicity of treatments: 2-3 (the last one - no later than 2 weeks before harvest).

Destroyed insects: Rapeseed flower beetle, Seed secretive moth, Cabbage pod mosquito, Cruciferous flea beetles, Rapeseed sawfly, Apple flower beetle, Aphids, Apple fruit sawfly and codling moth, Mining moths, Leaf rollers, Moths, Medyanits, Scale insects, Ticks.
The procedure for preparing the working fluid: before using the drug, thoroughly shake the contents of the package, add the calculated and measured amount to a separate container with several liters of water, mix well. Fill ½ of the sprayer tank with clean water, add the emulsion (mother liquor) to the sprayer tank. The working solution must be used on the day of preparation. Do not store the working solution of the drug for more than 48 hours in the sprayer tank. Period of protective action: up to 7 days (rapeseed flower beetle), 14 days (cereal aphids, cruciferous flea beetles, etc.).
Speed of action: “Mavrik” has a “knockdown” effect characteristic of pyrethroids. The first visible symptoms (cessation of feeding and subsequent death of insects) are noticeable within 30 minutes after treatment, complete death occurs within 3-6 hours after using the drug.
Phytotoxicity: the risk of phytotoxicity is minimal (subject to strict adherence to the manufacturer's recommendations for use).

Recommendations for the protection of useful objects of flora and fauna: the drug belongs to the 3rd class of danger for bees (pesticides of low danger to bees).
Environmental regulations:
treat plants early in the morning or late in the evening; wind speed up to 4-5 m/s;
border protection zone for bees – at least 2-3 km;
limiting the flight of bees for 3-24 hours.
the drug is not permitted for use in the water protection fishery zone. Very toxic to aquatic organisms (fish and aquatic invertebrates), may cause long-term adverse changes in the aquatic environment.
the active ingredient tau-fluvalinate is quickly adsorbed by the soil, has low mobility in the soil, so the risk of groundwater contamination is minimal.

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