Cucumis melo L.
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Melon "Blondie" F1.
Exotic outside and inside.
mid-early hybrid (80-85 days from germination to ripening) of the French type Charente.
Designed for growing in film greenhouses. The plant is powerful, long-climbing, highly branched. The fruits are medium-sized (400-800 g), spherical or slightly flattened. The surface of the fruit is segmented, without a mesh, gray-green in color, the bark is thin. The pulp is bright orange, melting, with a high and stable content of sugars and carotene.
The fruits must be collected before they are fully ripe, when they have a slightly beige tint and a characteristic aroma. 
Attention: the fruits should be cut off with part of the stalk.
Planting density 3 plants/m2. The hybrid is tolerant to powdery mildew and resistant to fusarium. Productivity in unheated greenhouses is 6-8 kg/m2.


Meloni vormeerimine
Formation of a melon plant.

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