Cucumis melo L.
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Melon "Iroquois" F1 with an unusual orange flesh color.
Mid-early hybrid of melon of the North American Cantaloupe variety (75-80 days from germination to ripening). Designed for cultivation in film greenhouses, it is very resistant to unfavorable abiotic factors. Plants are distinguished by powerful growth, long-climbing, large. Fruits weighing 1200-1500 g, segmented, covered with a coarse dense mesh. When ripe, the color of the fruit changes from green to beige, and they are easily separated from the stalk. The pulp is thick, orange, juicy, melting in your mouth. The percentage of dry matter is 13-15%.
The variety is resistant to adverse environmental factors. After ripening, the fruits lose sugar due to active respiration and their taste deteriorates greatly. Therefore, fruits should be collected regularly to prevent them from overripening. Immediately after harvesting, it is recommended to cool the fruits to +10+15°C. Planting density: 3 plants/m2.
Productivity in unheated greenhouses: 10-12 kg/m2.

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