Cucumis melo L.
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Melon "Medovka".
Mid-season variety: begins to bear fruit 80-90 days after germination. Forms strongly climbing plants with smooth, golden, oval-shaped fruits.
Fruit weight is 2.2-2.5 kg. The pulp is light cream, medium thickness, melting, tender, aromatic, with an excellent dessert taste. Medium sized seed nest.
Productivity: 1.5-2 kg/m2. The fruits retain commercial quality for 10-12 days after picking.
Agricultural technology.
Sowing seeds for seedlings or in open ground. For seedlings, you need to pinch the stem above 3-5 leaves. When grown in greenhouses, plants are tied to a trellis and formed into one stem. All side shoots up to a height of 50 cm are removed, subsequent shoots are pinched after the 3rd leaf. In open ground, the first 3-4 ovaries are left on the plant, then the top is pinched. Plants need timely watering, weeding, loosening and fertilizing.

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