Sanvitalia procumbens
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Mexican creeping zinnia Yellow (Lavender-cotton) - Sanvitalia procumbens.
The plant is not tall with strongly branching semi-creeping shoots and small rough leaves. Expanding, it forms a lush cushion-shaped rug with a scattering of small, up to 2-3 cm in diameter, inflorescences.
The reed flowers of the inflorescences are golden yellow, the tubular flowers are dark brown. The plant is warm and sun-loving, grows well on dry and loose soils, undemanding to fertility, unpretentious care. Recommended for mixborders. borders, balcony boxes, hanging baskets and flowerpots.

Eng.: Mexican creeping zinnia, Lavender-cotton. Suom.: Meksikonhuovinkukka. Sven.: Husarknappar. Bot. syn.: Sanvitalia angustifolia Gray.

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