Mineral fertilizer
Brand: MKDS
Packaged:500,0 g
Ex Tax: 7.65€
Long-acting complex mineral fertilizer ''180 Days'' (NPK 12-10-12 + microelements).
Long-term complex mineral fertilizer "180 DAYS", which is used to feed indoor and outdoor plants only once every six months and provides complete nutrition to plants that have a small earthen clod, for example, such as indoor plants in pots, plants on balcony boxes and outdoor planters, and is also suitable for feeding decorative outdoor plants: annuals, perennials, roses, shrubs, plants in cemeteries, etc. It has proven itself in greenhouses and winter gardens.
The fertilizer is mixed with the soil before planting or spread evenly over the loosened soil next to the planted plant.
- indoor and balcony plants: 5g / 1l of earth (5,0 g = 1 teaspoon "without a slide").
- roses, summer flowers, bushes and plants on graves: 50 g/m2.

Fertilizer 180 days

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