Composition of plants that repel mosquitoes and ticks
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A mixture of plants that repels mosquitoes and ticks.
A plant composition that emits a specific aroma that repels mosquitoes and ticks - a natural defense against annoying parasitic insects.
A special selection of plants in this mixture allows you to increase the concentration of odor, which significantly reduces the possibility of attack by these insects in your garden.
Sowed in pots and boxes, the mixture will allow you to spend pleasant evenings in the garden without the need for various chemicals: natural essential oils produced by plants are especially effective in small areas (balconies, terraces or gazebos).
The mixture contains edible plants that can be used in the kitchen - an added benefit.
When grilling in the garden, you can use the aromatic herbs to prepare delicious meals without being attacked by blood-sucking insects.
Seeds are sown from March to April under a canopy or in May directly into the ground in sunny places. From June to October, plants decorate and protect with a wonderful aroma.
A mix of mosquito and tick repellent plants.

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