Biological mold remover
Brand: MKDS
Packaged:2 x 1pc.
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MOLD GOBBLER® is a unique product that offers a new way to remove unwanted mold from indoor walls and plaster.
Mold releases millions to billions of spores into the air, which can cause health problems such as allergies, respiratory problems, eye inflammation or rashes.
In the process of growth and their specific metabolism, mold fungi secrete ketones, aldehydes, esters and other substances that can be allergens or cause headache, fatigue, bronchitis, conjunctivitis, mycetoma and mycotoxicosis of the lungs, exogenous allergic alveolitis, enteromia, otomycosis. Thanks to its specific composition, which includes the microorganism Pythium oligandrum, MOLD GOBBLER® destroys unwanted molds by parasitizing them. This microorganism is able to destroy not only gypsum plaster but also plaster under the plaster on the wall.
When mold is eaten, the biological activity of this microorganism stops. Pure water is needed to activate the product, and the mixture thus prepared (by mixing the contents with pure water) can be applied to the contaminated wall.
The time from activation to submission of the application should not exceed two hours.
MOLD GOBBLER ® is not a chemical, but a biological product that removes mold from walls without causing resistance or genetic mutations.
For these reasons, it represents a big step forward in the processing of walls in residential, office, industrial, warehouses and other premises.
The active microflora of the fungus Pythium oligandrum contained in the product does not have any undesirable side effects that can pollute the atmosphere or harm plants, animals or humans.
Instructions for use:
Mold Removal - Cut 1 g of sachet (A) at the indicated point and add warm drinking water. Shake well and let the contents sit for 5 minutes. Dilute the activated product with 10-20 liters of water. Rinse the surfaces to be treated (dark spots on the wall) with the prepared solution using a paint roller or brush and remove the remaining solution. Continue until the wall is dry. Cut open the 2 gram bag (B) at the indicated location and add warm drinking water. Shake well and let the resulting solution stand for 5 minutes. Dilute the activated product with about 1.5 liters of warm water. Apply the diluted solution (1.5 l) to the wall to be treated several times in a row with a paint roller or brush, making sure that the minimum overlap is about 5 cm. When the treated surface is dry, a coat of paint can be applied. No need to wait after processing.
Frequency of use: By following the instructions above, you will be able to remove unwanted mold in one go. The term of protection depends on the specific conditions of use.
Attention! Before using the product, remove fungi with a wet method to prevent spores from entering the atmosphere and spreading infection. 14 days before and at least 14 days after application.
DO NOT use other products designed to remove mold from interior walls. Do not use the product in rooms intended for growing mushrooms.
Storage: store the product in a closed original container in a dry place at room temperature +15+25°C and relative humidity up to 40%. Do not store the product at temperatures above +40°C for a long time.

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