Mole attack
Brand: MKDS
Packaged:500 ml
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"Mole Attack" - repellent for repelling moles.
Based on biogradable compounds.
Suitable for: sports and recreation areas in the construction territories of hydraulic structures airport areas, etc.
The product is ready for use - 500 ml / 500 m2 area.
Ready-to-use biocidal preparation for protection against moles.
Active ingredient: geraniol 1.0 g/kg.
Scope: the product is intended to scare away moles living in unused agricultural areas, i.e. squares, areas between apartment buildings, sports grounds (tennis courts, running tracks) and recreation areas, airports, land plots and hydraulic structures (dams).
Usage: remove the soil above the molehill and pour about 30 ml of the drug into the hole. Then cover the molehill with earth so that the smell of the substance lasts longer.
The drug begins to act immediately after application, reaching a maximum effect after 1-2 days.
Under favorable weather conditions (low rainfall), the product works for about 3 weeks. After a heavy rain, "Mole Attack" is used again.
The package contains 500 ml of the composition, which is enough for about 500 m2, depending on the number of molehills on the site, of course).
Precautions: Wash hands and face with soap and water after handling. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Conditions for disposal of drug residues and packaging: Do not drain into the sewer. Avoid contamination of surface and ground water and soil. Do not store in normal landfills.
Store in the original packaging in a cool, dry place at 0+30°C).


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