Moorish lawn
Brand: Legutko
Packaged:500,0 g
Ex Tax: 43.55€
Mauritian lawn - mix of annual and perennial wild plants.
500,0 g = 100 m2.
If you want to have a lawn, but weekly mowing is dubious, or you are initially sick of a perfectly trimmed grass hedgehog, start a Moorish lawn on your site. It does not look like a flat carpet, but rather resembles a cheerful meadow interspersed with poppies, daisies, cornflowers, forget-me-nots, bells, daisies, alyssum, toadflax, and Iberis. And you only need to mow it once a season!

Mauretaania muru
Nikolai Komarov "Mavritansky Gazon".

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