Tropaeolum majus nanum
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Low nasturtium "Bijou Double" (mix) - Tropaeolum nanum.
A variety with variegated leaves.
The bush is compact, erect, up to 30 cm high. It blooms profusely from July to October. Used for curbs, ridges, slope shelters, balcony boxes.
The plant prefers sunny or slightly shaded places, moderately fertile and moist soils. Seeds are sown in May in open ground, directly on the spot, in holes of three seeds. The seeding depth is 2 cm. At a soil temperature of + 25 ° C, seedlings appear on the 14-20th day. The distance between plants is 20-30 cm.

Eng: Nasturtium low. Suom.: Pensasköynnöskrassi. Sven.: Buskkrasse.

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