Stipa tenuissima
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Needlegrass "Pony Tails" (Feather grass) - Stipa tenuissima.
Fluffy wave: graceful silky thread-like stems sway with the slightest breath of wind...
Decorative grass. Magnificent dried flower. Plant up to 40-60 cm tall, which forms dense tufts.
The leaf blades are narrow and folded lengthwise. Inflorescences - panicles. Cereals with a long awn. Frost-resistant.
Used for rockeries, on mixborders and borders, for group planting in parks and for dry bouquets.
Seeds of feather grass retain their germination capacity well up to 4 years.

Stepirohi Pony Tails, Stipa tenuissima, Пушистый ковыль

Feather grass prefers a sunny location, light fertile soils and watering during dry periods. Sowing of seeds is carried out in late April - early May in open ground, maintaining a distance between plants of 10-15 cm. Seedlings appear on the 10-20th day.
It can be grown on alpine hills, in sunny flower beds to create free steppe-style areas and in mixborders.
Used as a dried flower in winter compositions. Cutting is carried out before the seeds ripen.
Sowing: seeds can be sown before winter or early spring. May - in open ground, in nests of 3-4 seeds at a distance of 15-20 cm from each other. 2-4 weeks after germination, the plants are fed every 10-14 days with complex mineral fertilizer.
Care: Prefers warm, sunny areas, with light, permeable, lime-rich soil.
Does not tolerate standing water.
An unpretentious plant, watering only during a long drought. Winters without shelter. Grows in one place for a long time. Transplantation is carried out in early spring or autumn.
Flowering: July-August. Decorative retains the entire season.

Picturesque ornamental grass with very thin leaves and loose airy panicles of inflorescences. One of the most beautiful, short ornamental grasses with a very original growth, which reveals its beauty in a new way with every gust of wind. Due to its extremely light structure, this herb has a very wide range of uses. Needlegrass strong reaches 60 cm in height, but due to its light, airy habit with overhanging leaves, it should be assumed that the height of the entire bush will be lower.

Hardy Herbaceous Perennial. 
Height: 24 inches. 
Ideal For: Border, Cottage Garden, Flower Arranging.
Germination: Challenging.
Aftercare: Easy. 
A very attractive Mexican grass for the border produces soft, wispy ponytails. Quick to produce dense clumped plants. 
Sowing Instructions: Sow February to July in trays, pots, etc of good seed compost in a propagator or warm place to maintain an optimum temperature of 15-18 C. Sow in well-drained compost, just covering the seed with compost. Germination can be slow. After sowing, seal the container in a polythene bag and leave at +15+18 ° C for 2 weeks, then place in a refrigerator (not freezer) for 3-6 weeks. After this, return to the recommended germination temperature, if germination does not occur in 6-10 weeks, return to the fridge for a further 3-6 weeks. Examine regularly whilst in the fridge and remove immediately if the seeds show signs of germinating. 
Growing Instructions: Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle into 7.5 cm pots. Acclimatise young plants to outdoor conditions before planting out 45-60 cm apart in full sun. 
Aftercare Instructions: Plant in ordinary garden soil.

Eng.: Feather grass, needlegrass, Esparto grass. Bot. syn.: Nassella tenuissima (Trin.) Barkworth, Stipa cirrosa E.Fourn. ex Hemsl., Stipa geniculata Phil., Stipa mendocina Phil., Stipa oreophila Speg., Stipa subulata E.Fourn. ex Hemsl.

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