Lactuca sativa L. var. crispa
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Oak-Leaf Lettuce "Verde Ricciolina" - Lactuca sativa L. var. crispa.
This is a green oak-leaved lettuce for spring, summer and autumn growing.
Early variety: the growing time from sowing to harvest is 50 - 55 days.
It creates loose heads of a light green colour with large leaves. 
This variety is resistant to bolting. The recommended plant spacing is 30 x 30 cm.

* Attract toads and frogs to your garden.
To get a good harvest, we often water vegetable crops, thus creating comfortable conditions for slugs to breed.
It is in damp areas under the canopy of shade from most vegetable plants where slugs live. 
Such conditions are also good for toads and frogs. It is for these amphibians that naked slugs are their favourite food, so experienced gardeners try to have toads on their plots: they are specially collected and transferred to their garden, creating appropriate comfortable conditions for them.
In shaded areas where nothing can grow, stones, bricks and driftwood are placed. At night, when slugs come out to feed, toads and frogs also come out to hunt for these slimy pests...
Pay special attention to attracting toads and frogs to greenhouses and greenhouses, which are a veritable paradise for slugs.

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