Allium cepa L.
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Salad onion "Globo" (for growing from seeds in one season).
Large onion in one season.
Unprecedented weight! Delicious taste! No specific aroma (from the mouth)! One of the largest salad onions - weighing up to 1 kg!
Mid-season variety: the bulb is round, light yellow in color, very juicy, with a delicacy sweet taste, practically does not have a specific aroma (it is recommended to grow through seedlings to obtain large bulbs).
A late variety of salad onion with an excellent taste. Bulb is large, of a broadly oval shape and a straw yellow colour.
Due to the long growing period the variety should be grown from precultivated seedlings sown at the beginning of February.
Bulbs grown in this way can weigh up to 1000 g. It is not suitable for long term storage.
The average weight of the bulb is 700 to 750 gms. If grown from seed the weight can reach 250 to 300 gms.
The growing time from sowing is 170 to 175 days. The recommended spacing from transplanting is 40 x 30 cm and 40 x 15 cm for direct sowing.

Sibul Globo Allium cepa, Salatisibul seemnetest


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