Allium cepa L.
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Red onion "Karmen".
The variety is semi-sharp, mid-season (from sowing to the maturation of the set is 80-110 days and from planting the set to the ripening of the bulb is 80-100 days). The bulbs are flat and flat-rounded, weighing 70-100 g, they are distinguished by good keeping quality. Onion two-three-pronged. Productivity up to 1.6 kg/m2.
Ripening period: early (the period from germination to mass lodging and yellowing of leaves is 64-96 days).
Fruit: the bulb is round-flat, medium dense, weighing 50-70 g. Dry scales are purple, juicy - white with a purple tint. The taste is mild. The content of dry matter is 11.9-13.9%, sugars - 7.9-8.9% and vitamin C - 3.8-19.4 mg%. Onions are characterized by 100% ripeness and good keeping quality.
Usage: for fresh consumption, home cooking and canning.

Note that... the mild-tasting bulbs are especially good in salads and fresh vegetable dishes. The increased content of solids and vitamin C allows the use of onions for the preparation of all kinds of homemade preparations. The evenness of the bulbs, excellent maturation, attractive appearance of the bulbs make the variety suitable not only for own consumption but also for sale. Excellent ripening of the bulbs will help to quickly and timely harvest.

Onion Karmen

Onion Karmen MS Sibul Лук репчатый Кармен МС

Onion Karmen Sibul Лук репчатый Кармен

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