Bacopa speciosa L.
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Sutera cordata "Snowtopia White" - Bacopa speciosa (Sutera cordata).
For the first time - bacopa propagated by seeds.
Snow-white flowers-stars completely cover the shoots of this plant. It blooms continuously all season, with small waves - just an amazing find for pots and containers!
Does not require the removal of faded flowers. Suitable for growing in pots and hanging baskets with a diameter of 25-30 cm. Also suitable for use as a groundcover.
Technological information.
Sowing is superficial. Germination 4 days at a temperature of +20 +23 ° C. Optimum temperature for growing: during the day +15 +24 ° С, at night +13 +15 ° С. Landing in open ground after the end of the threat of frost.
Beginning of flowering: 8-9 weeks from germination. It does not tolerate both waterlogging and overdrying of an earthen coma, moderate watering.
Placement: in the sun or in partial shade. Good drainage is required.

Bacopa speciosa, Sutera speciosa, Eriline vesikaak
Ornamental bacopa.

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