Capsicum frutescens L.
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Compact hot pepper "Ornamentale Fiesta".
Ultra-early (90-105 days), compact variety. The fruits are small, numerous, cone-shaped, of various colors: in technical ripeness - green, creamy, purple, in biological - red, weighing 14-22 g, with a sharp taste and strong aroma.
Spectacular multi-colored miracle. An almost spherical bush, height and diameter of about 30 cm, full of many narrow and long peppercorns sticking out in different directions in pastel yellow, orange, red-coral and purple hues.
The value of the variety: high decorativeness of the bush, unpretentiousness of cultivation, resistance to low light. It grows well indoors, on balconies and loggias.
Recommended for use as a spice for canning and pickling.

* Decorative peppers are traditionally used as an original, elegant and useful decoration of the kitchen window. They are also grown in pots, balcony boxes, patios and terraces are decorated with them ...
This bright and colorful plant everywhere (even in the garden) will give a "spicy peppercorn" to any composition of annuals.
It is valued for a bizarre shape and a variety of colors of fruits that retain their decorative effect from the second half of summer until late autumn. This pepper will serve as an excellent spicy seasoning in home cooking. A very elegant, dense, rounded bush about 30 cm high and about 30 cm in diameter, with multi-colored caps of fruits that glow against the background of dark green leaves with red-coral, yellow and purple hues.

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