Gilia capitata L.
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Bluehead gilia.
Annual. Height 40-60 cm. This graceful plant forms shoots up to 60 cm high, wrapped in a web of beautifully cut emerald green leaves, the tops of which are crowned with dense spherical dark blue inflorescences resembling sea urchins.
Gilia is unpretentious, characterized by abundant and long flowering, perfect for decorating alpine gardens, flower beds, flower beds, garden vases and balcony boxes.
Sowing: March-April in a greenhouse for seedlings. At a temperature of + 18 +20 ºС shoots appear after 14 days. Seedlings are planted in the ground after the end of spring frosts, maintaining a distance of 20-25 cm between plants.
Care: prefers light fertile soils with good moisture (but not damp), and a sunny position. Plants need regular watering, loosening the soil and top dressing.
Flowering: July-September.

Gilia capitata, Päine giilia
Jane Webb Loudon.

Gilia capitata, Päine giilia

Eng.: Blue gilia, Blue-head gily-flower, Bluehead gilia, Globe gilia. Bot.: Gilia capitata.

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