Viola x wittrockiana
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Garden pansy "Glacier ice violet-white" - Viola x wittrockiana.
Popular variety of pansy with abundant flowering. Forms fast-growing, well-branched bushes 15-20 cm tall. The flowers are large, Ø 6-7 cm, each flower remains decorative for 6-8 days.
Plants are unpretentious, cold-resistant. Used to decorate balcony boxes, garden vases, flower beds, borders.
In order for flowering to occur in the year of sowing, seeds are sown on seedlings in March. In the phase of two true leaves, the seedlings dive. In open ground, seedlings are planted in May at a distance of 20 cm between plants. Plants tolerate transplanting well in a flowering state.
When sown outdoors in June-July, flowering occurs the following year.

* Flower garden under the window.
Such a flower garden is most suitable for decorating windows on the first floor of a building. A mesmerizing composition of perennial, biennial and annual plants will make your home look like the abode of elves ...
The basis of the flower garden is two bushes of Climbing roses with flowers of various colors. Biennial crops are represented in this composition by Pansies peeping slyly out of a window box. Their exquisite beauty is complemented by two groups of fragrant Summer levkoy and a group of Butterfly flower. Lobelia of different varieties serves as a kind of border for the flower garden, which stands out favorably against the background of emerald lawn grass.
The plants selected for this composition will delight you with their flowering from late June to late summer.

Цветник под окном

Specification of plants:
1. Climbing roses
2. Pansies (Viola x wittrockiana)
3. Column stock (Matthiola incana)
4. Butterfly flower (Schizanthus)
5. Lobelia
6. Lawn grass.

Спецификация летнего цветника под окном
Garden Pansy.

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