Capsicum annuum L.
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Early hybrid variety resistant to tobacco mosaic virus. Plants are quite tall. Fruits very big, 3-4 cameras, large, elongated, slightly ridged, weight 360-380 g, ripen are yellow. Grown in greenhouses. Peppers are sensitive to moisture deficiency, tnerefore plants should be watered 2-3 times a week. Can be used fresh, steamed, fried, canned.
Smooth and thick flesh, 9 mm, dark-green color who changes to attractive gold-yellow. 

Перец сладкий "Кромо" F1 - Capsicum annuum L.
Ранний гибрид, устойчивый к вирусу табачной мозаики 
HR TMV (tobacco mosaic virus). Плоды крупные, четырёхкамерные, с параметрами 10 x 14 cm. Плоды золотисто-жёлтые, массой 360-380 г. Толщина стенки около 9 мм (!).

Engl.:Sweet pepper.Suom.: Vihannespaprika.Swen.Paprika.:Bot.:Capsicum annuum L.

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