Pastinaca sativa L.
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Parsnip "Albion" F1 - Pastinaca sativa.
The leaf socket is small and sprawling. Productivity up to 5.6 kg/sq.m.
Root crops are rounded flattened at the base, fusiform, greyish-white, weighing 130 g and contain up to 17.9% of dry matter. Easily pulled out of the soil. The pulp is white, the core is greyish-white with a light yellow rim, highly aromatic. It is used fresh and for culinary processing.
For long-term storage, root crops are best sprinkled with wet sand.
Value of culture: contains essential oils, carbohydrates, vitamins C, B1, B2, PP, carotene, salts of potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. Promotes protein metabolism, stimulates hematopoiesis, improves vision and regulates the functioning of the liver and nervous system.
Please note that…
It has a taste reminiscent of carrots and parsley, inferior in spice to parsley
Leaves are rough, so only good for flavouring soups and hot dishes
The root is used in a dried and fresh form as a seasoning for soups, borscht, fish dishes, pickling cucumbers, in marinades
Parsnip is well preserved until spring and easily tolerates slight frosts. It can overwinter in the ground under cover, and in early spring it can be used as needed.

Eng.: Parsnip. Suom.: Palsternakka. Sven.: Palsternacka, vanlig palsternacka. Bot. syn.: Pastinaca fleischmannii Hladnik.

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