Nepeta mussinii
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Persian catnip (catmint).
Plant height 30 cm. Long-blooming, fragrant perennial. It grows in one place for 5-6 years, winters well. Unpretentious, practically not susceptible to disease.
It grows rapidly in the first year, successfully drowning out weeds.
It blooms from June until frost, attracting a lot of butterflies. Bushes are low - about 30 cm tall, dense, multi-stemmed.
Lush plants serve as an excellent filler for the mixborder, creating a winning backdrop for tall perennials.

Mussini naistenõges, Nepeta Faassenii, Котовник Муссини, Katinmintu

Eng.: Dwarf catnip, catmint, Persian catnip. Suom.: Katinminttu. Sven.: Bergnepeta. Bot. syn.: Nepeta racemosa Lam.

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