Petroselinum crispum var. foliosum
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Leaf parsley "Gigante di Napoli" - Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) Nyman ex A.W.Hill.
For all year round harvesting of tops for fresh market, freezing and drying. Leaves regenerate rapidly and harvest can be repeated several times.
Medium-early variety: the growing season for spring-summer sowing is 75-85 days, and for winter sowing - 140-170 days.
Leaves are smooth with distinct odour. 1,0 g = 450-650 seeds.
Agricultural technology.
Parsley prefers fertile, deep-arable, loose loamy and sandy soils.
The best predecessors: cucumber, tomato, onion.
Sowing seeds is carried out at several times: in early spring (late April - early May), before winter (October-November), in mid-summer (late June).
Winter sowing is carried out with dry seeds. In spring, parsley is sown in moist furrows at a distance of 3-4 cm in a row and 20-30 cm between rows.
Crops from above are mulched with peat. To accelerate seed germination, crops are covered with a film, which is removed when shoots appear.
Parsley care includes weed control, two thinnings of crops, top dressing after thinning, which are combined with the next watering.


Eng.: Leaf Parsley. Suom.: Lehtpersilja. Sven.: Slätpersilja. Bot.: Petroselinum crispum var. foliosum.

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