Petunia hybrida grandiflora nana
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Petunia "Mistral Pearly" F1.
Gentle pink pearl color!
Low-growing series of modern and productive large-flowered petunias. Plants 30-35 cm high, compact, tolerate adverse conditions perfectly. They bloom early and bloom profusely with large flowers 8–10 cm in diameter until frost.

Growing recommendations: to achieve the desired result, seedlings are sown at the end of March. Sowing is superficial, in disinfected soil. At a temperature of + 18 + 20 ° C, the seeds germinate within 14-20 days, do not allow them to become waterlogged. A pick at the appearance of 2-3 true leaves. The optimum temperature for growth is +15+17 °C. Plant out outdoors when danger of frost has passed. Place in sunny areas with moderately fertile soil, where petunias have not been grown before. In the season, 2-3 top dressings are carried out with complex fertilizers. Faded flowers are removed.


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