Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) Nym. Ex A.W. Hill convar. vulgare (Nois) Danert
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Plain leaf parsley "Gigante D`Italia" - Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) Nym. Ex A. W. Hill convar vulgare (Nois) Danert.
Standard European variety of plain leaf parsley with big dark green leaves. Established as a variety suitable for processing.
Even with single sowing, parsley can be harvested almost all year round.
Left to winter in the garden, it comes out from under the snow with green leaves, and before flowering (in early June), new ones grow,
then the bushes from the thinning of early spring sowing go-to food, followed by leaves from matured rows of leafy varieties.
It is better to save root parsley - let it pour into root crops.
They are well stored at 0 + 2 ° C and serve as material for forcing greenery in a greenhouse or at home on a windowsill at a temperature of + 12 + 15 ° C.
Larger root crops with an intact head that cannot be buried in the ground are selected for distillation - it is better to stick out 0.5–1 cm above the surface.
The length of a too powerful root crop can be shortened, sprinkled with ash, crushed coal and dried.
Parsley is cold-resistant, the leaves are preserved at +8°C, but the aroma deteriorates.
For a good harvest of smooth large root crops, loose fertile soil is needed, dug up by 20–22 cm.
Sowing depth 1–2 cm (on light soil, of course, deeper), distances: 30–40 × 8–12 cm.
Seeds are slow-growing - dry germinate in 15-20 days, therefore, to speed up the process, they are soaked in cloth (in gauze) for 3-4 days.
Depending on the climate and variety, parsley is ready for harvesting 2.5–4 months after mass shoots.
1,0 g = 450-650 seeds.

Lehtpetersell Itaalia Hiid Parsley LEHTIPERSILJA Bladpersilja Петрушка листовая Итальянский гигант

Eng.: Leaf Parsley. Suom.: Lehtipersilja. Sven.: Slätpersilja. Bot.: Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) Nym. Ex A.W. Hill convar. vulgare (Nois) Danert.

Helpful hint: to help leafy parsley build green mass, fertilize immediately after cutting the greens.
And, to speed up the ripening of the root crop in root parsley, remove the 4 lower leaves in August.

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