Vicia faba L. var. major Harz.
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Broad bean "White Windsor".
A storehouse of vegetable protein, mineral salts, vitamins, calcium and iron.
Mid-season, productive variety. Plant height is from 80 to 120 cm.
The beans are wide, the seeds are large, flat, greenish-white in color, very tasty.
Intended for fresh consumption or culinary processing of dry seeds. The culture is cold-resistant, demanding soil and air moisture.
Sowing from late April to early May, with pre-soaked seeds, planting depth - 4 cm.
The best soils are loamy, well-cultivated and fertilized.
Care: loosening the soil, hilling plants, removing weeds. In dry conditions, watering is necessary; after flowering, the tops are pinched.
Sowing pattern: 20 x 15 cm.
Agrotechnics: beans grow well in loamy, clayey, slightly acidic soils with sufficient moisture. The best predecessors of beans are cabbage, potatoes, pumpkin and various root vegetables.
The soil for the beans is dug up in the fall using a spade. Humus and mineral fertilizers are added. Before sowing, the seeds are soaked in water for 2-4 hours. Then the seeds are sown in moist soil to a depth of 6-8 cm in a tape method with a distance between tapes of 50-60 cm and between rows in a tape of 25-30 cm. The distance between plants in a row is 3-5 cm.
Further care of the plants consists of loosening, regular fertilizing, light hilling and watering in dry weather.
At the beginning of mass flowering, the tops of the shoots are cut off, which promotes uniform ripening of the beans and is a means of combating black bean aphids.
Beans are harvested in several stages: at the stage of milky ripeness of the grain, and fully ripened beans are collected for winter consumption.
The flowers are white with dark spots on the wings. Productivity up to 1.5 kg/sq.m.
Green beans contain a lot of vitamin B, PP, carotene (up to 2.5%), and contain up to 6% proteins.
Resistance: cold resistant.
Use: for home cooking and canning.

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