Daucus carota L.
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Carrot "Koral".
Late, productive variety of the "Nantes" type.
Vegetation period: 140-150 days. Root crops are medium in size, 18-22 cm long, cylindrical in shape, orange in color, resistant to cracking.
This variety is valued due to its high sugar and carotene content. Perfect for making juices, canning, freezing and winter storage.
Podwinter sowing is possible in order to obtain an early spring harvest. There are approximately 800-1400 seeds in 1 gram.

The best predecessors for carrots are: tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, onions, legumes.
Care: after emergence, care consists of weeding, deep loosening, watering and fertilizing. Carrots are thinned out 2 weeks after germination. The second thinning is when the diameter of the root crop is 1 cm, leaving 5-6 cm between plants.
Carrots are a cold-resistant crop. Placed on light loamy and sandy loam soils. Sowed from late April to early June. To obtain an early harvest, winter sowing is carried out at the end of October. The depth of seed placement is 1-2 cm, depending on the type of soil. Seeds begin to germinate at a temperature of +3+4 °C. It is important to keep the soil moist.
The optimal temperature for the growth and formation of root crops is +20+22 °C. Watering and loosening - as needed. Harvesting root crops from July to early October.

• at a temperature of +12...+15°С
• air humidity no more than 50%
• limited air access
• in heated rooms
• in living quarters on the bottom shelf of a linen closet or in the bottom drawer of a desk
• pack packages with seeds in plastic bags.
• in warmth and with high air humidity
• allow temperature changes
• leave in unheated areas, especially in damp conditions and at sub-zero temperatures
• allow the temperature to drop below 0°C multiple times
• freeze seeds
• store in the bathroom, kitchen, or on the refrigerator door.

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